GPS Tracker


Welcome Thanks for using GPS-TK118 satellite positioning tracker This tracker is a multi-functional GPS satellite positioning tracker device which can be applied to cars, electro cars, special vehicles, motorcycle and other vehicles. Wide scope power from 9V to 24V can be used to install. This product is small-sized and easy to carry, High sensitivity GPS and GSM module inbuilt, to make monitoring come true by sending messages or GPRS transmit the monitoring position to monitored platform or mobile phone.

Camera Tracker


Be used for monitoring the car , Image is clear and transmission speed is fast. Terminal support omni-directional image acquisition function , pictures are uploaded to the center through multiple camera to do a real-time monitoring of the car. Not only it has a deterrent effect on illegal molecules, but also can supervise the passenger profile of the driver at the same time.

Bike Tracker


Satcop tracker (GT) is product from SATCOP which provides location-based solutions and services that track or monitor moving objects such as trucks, luxury bus, containers, ambulances, fire brigade units etc suing Global positioning system (GPS) and GPRS (General Pack Radio Service) .. Satcop tracker is an integrated hardware/software wireless solution designed to track and monitor mobile clients such as security vehicles, commercial trucks and field service vehicles.