Bank Mortgage Vehicles

Operators can keep abreast the real-time

location and the status of the vehicles, and

can set the electronic fence, so you will no

afraid of the cheater. thereby, you can

reduce the risk and increase the industry


Police Vehicles

Establish the Vehicles and monitoring center

quickly, accurate and effective information

delivery channel. The monitoring center can

check the status of the vehicle, can know the

incidents place through the monitor center.

Rapid Response Vehicles

Systems by responding to system conditions

in a rapid, dynamic fashion increase the

penetration of renewable energies and

electric vehicles.

Ford for law enforcement agencies,

fire departments , and EMS agencies.

Financial Vehicles

Use GSM/GPRS network transmission

information, it is a highly reliable point-to-

point wireless alarm system.

The system supports active alarm, infrared

alarm, voice listener and camera functions.

Fire Fighters

Israel's stated goal was to stop rocket fire

into Israel and weapons. During their

advance, Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters


Economic sanctions against Iraq by members

of the U.N. Security Council. feature of the

GPS system was turned off for the duration.