Vehicle Fleet Management


Reduce risk, improve safety & security, optimize fleet operations with real-time, all-satellite GPS tracking and fleet monitoring.

Reduce operating expenses and increase profits with computerized telemetric supported vehicle fleet management software. Switch to the cloud for cost-effective, web-based wireless fleet management.

Reduce labor and fuel costs by minimizing idle time and total mileage while getting the same quantity of work done.

Select your type of vehicle below to learn how Satcop provides GPS fleet tracking, asset tracking, vehicle fleet management and mobile resource management in remote regions with callous environments, insurgency, and poor communications around the world.

Taxi Fleet

Texi Fleet

Taxis need GPS Tracking as it keeps all parties


Owners – know the no. of trips and route


Passengers – Safety and security

Vendors – accurate calculation of data and

easy dispatches during peak hours

JCB / earth movers

JCB Earth Mover

Remove exact duration of work hour and

ignition and cut down on un seen payments

to the vendors /contractors.

Increase the ROI byreducing wastage of


Real time SMS / E mail alerts

Gps tracking system

Construction Vehicles

Construction Vehicle

Keep a watch on loading and unloading time

and dispatches.

Reduce unseen humandelays

Vehicle tracking system

Speed up work

Frozen / Food Vehicles

Frozen Food Vehicle

Temperature Sensor

Identify problem areas during the journey.

Remove exact duration of work hour and

ignition and cut down on us

Online tracking system



Safety of passengers and accuracy for auto


Total running through out day in KM

Remove exact duration of work hour and


Gps live tracking

Cement Mixer

Cement Mixer

GPS Tracking with color coded auto-stat using

can be used to identify trucks at plant,

loading, mixing, on the way to site, at site,

unloading and returning to plant.

Ontime delivery and dispatch

Logistics Vehicles

Logistic Vehicle

Cut down on unnecessary trips and keep a

watch on the movements, stoppages etc.

Optimize allocation of resources and assist

in case of breakdowns

Manage trip

Cargo Van

Cargo Van

Keep a tab of the dispatches and deliveries

and improve service quality

Immediate dispatch in case of urgent delivery.

Real time alerts



Help authorities keep a watch on the vehicle

and plan theroute in accordance with the

traffic in the sector.

Real-time Monitor and manage the vehicle,

thereby, it is more safety of the dangerous


Postal Truck

Postal Truck

Improve the operational effeciency of the

postal service system.

Reduce costs, pursuit the maximumization

of the cost effective.

To establish a unified, efficient, smooth,

covering a wide range, with a universality of

the postal logostics monitoring and

dispatching system.

Dangerous Good Vehicles

Dangerous Good Vehicles

Real-time Monitor and manage the vehicle,

thereby, it is more saftey of the dangerous


Reduce the Harmful of the society,

Tow Truck

Tow Truck

Helps in knowing the exact position where

the picked up vehicles are placed.

Time management