About Us

Satcop India is a GPS tracking manufacturer providing Internet-based access and integration to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions with a quick glance.

Satcop was incorporated in Year 2009 as proprietorship firm with a vision to create quality solution and services in area of GPS tracking and fleet management, thereby empowering businesses to efficiently manage their vehicles with peace of mind. The proprietorship went pvt ltd in 2012 with its own GPS tracker being designed and manufactured in India and a committed team of 25 people. We have become preferred business partner for most dealer distribution network of India and are supplying our products to 10 major states and more than 25 major cities in India.

The client confidence and faith in this organization has only grown with constant improvisations and investment in tracking software, reports and hardware as per changing requirements in pursuit of superior quality. We offer best in class software, reports and service performance. The tracker is designed and manufactured in India with quality certifications and best standards. Out GPS tracker is designed to integrate easily with RFID readers, Sensors like fuel, temperature etc and open API support for integration with existing ERPs and Apps. At present, GPS market is infested with cheap but low quality Chinese imports and unreliable dealers hence 50% of GPS devices in the market are not working.

We aim to provide high quality hardware, software and services so customers and businesses can focus on their core work and managing their vehicles is a hassle free experience.

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