Service, landscaping, construction, healthcare and more – no matter the industry, businesses and organizations are more than ever realizing the benefits to tracking their fleet of vehicles and equipment. They are also choosing leading technology like Satcop India fleet management solution to fit their needs. And below is how they are benefiting from vehicle and asset tracking.

Truck/Tankers Fleets

From standard GPS fleet tracking to route mapping and fuel consumption solutions, trucking
companies depend on Satcop Fleet Tracking.

When it comes to safety, knowing what a driver is doing is critical. Having a GPS tracking system is certainly a first step to ensuring safe driving speeds and driver accountability. And, unlike some other technologies, fleet and vehicle tracking is very affordable.

Costs are certainly of great concern to every trucking company. Fuel, collections, driver compensation, government regulations, and driver retention all contribute to the strains on the budgets of trucking firms.

Efficiency can be achieved a number of ways. I’m sure you are already expecting me to say that GPS tracking is of great benefit here as well. Of course it is! This might be where the GPS tracking solutions for trucking fleets shines the brightest. Being able to manage the routing and details of your trucking fleet in real time leads to incredible savings with very little outlay of capital.

Construction/Heavy Machinery

Construction equipment is a huge investment, and even with insurance, damaged or lost equipment is very costly to replace in terms of money and/or time lost. Equipment trackers ensure pricey construction equipment can be recovered if stolen from the job site. Whether it’s equipment you use or equipment you rent to others, you’re taking a huge risk by not having GPS tracking on your assets. GPS fleet management offers a solution for many of these potential hazards. With a GPS tracking system, you will be able to monitor vehicle and equipment usage to ensure that those assets are only working when are where they are scheduled to be working, thus limiting unnecessary wear and tear. Additionally, fleet tracking will help you work with authorities to quickly recover stolen assets, saving the time and hassle that comes with filing police reports and insurance claims.

Healthcare GPS Tracking

In the emergency health services field, rapid dispatching and calling upon the closest emergency crew can literally be the difference between life and death. For this reason, GPS fleet tracking is an obvious choice for emergency services businesses. Giving your fleet manager the tools to identify the most efficient vehicle to dispatch and provide the faster travel route for that crew is necessary for providing the best care to those in need.

For non-emergency health care fleets, tracking provides a significant benefit to both the business and your customers. By tracking your mobile employees, you can verify that your workforce arrives to their patients or clients on time and gives them the time allotted. If your employees run behind or the schedule needs to change, you can quickly evaluate your options for moving employees from job to job in order to keep your clients happy.

Rental Car services

Renting out vehicles like cars and boats can be extremely profitable, but also extremely risky — you’re essentially loaning your vehicles to total strangers. GPS rental car tracking can expedite the timely return of these vehicles and also allow prompt recovery, if needed.

Food-Beverage/Reefer Vehicles

Whether you have a few small mobile food or coffee carts or a fleet of full-sized food trucks, mobile food distribution assets are crucial to your business. In order to keep these assets safe and to ensure their proper use, owners can take advantage of the many benefits of GPS tracking technology. Food distribution assets of any size can be monitored for location, speed, temperature, fuel level, and much more. Temperature sensors can be installed in any compartment that needs to be monitored for radical changes in temperature. This is especially helpful for food services, as the platform can send you alerts if compartment temperatures reach unsafe levels for food. Other sensors, such as those for fuel, power take-off, and contact, can be installed to monitor different variables of your food service assets. Our food service GPS tracking software platform can then gather the data and present it to you in one, easy-to-use program interface.


Who’s not worried about their kids till they reach back at home from school? School authorities found a flawless answer through GPS tracking; parents can now receive location updates of kids through text messages/SMS. The parent is informed of the estimated time of arrival of their child’s bus before it reaches the stop before/after school. In case there is a traffic jam, natural calamity or any other problem, an SMS is immediately dispatched to the parent informing the reason for delay.

Agriculture & Farm

GPS tracking devices allow your production manager to track harvest equipment and vehicles at all times while also protecting those pricey assets from theft. Farming equipment is a significant investment for companies in the agriculture industry. With GPS technology you can minimize unnecessary wear and tear on this expensive equipment to prolong its operational life.

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