The AIS 140 or the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is a set of requirements that the government has mandated to be put into place in all public transportation systems namely buses and taxis among others. The requirements have put an onus on not just OEMs but also aftermarket players to bring in a system that will improve safety critical parts in the Indian mobility.
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SATCOP AIS 140 device has been designed and developed in house to adhere and meet the standards of AIS 140 as laid down by ARAI and has been physically tested by ICAT for 60 days to qualify for and get awarded the certification. The device also supports IRNSS (GAGAN, the Indian satellite-based augmentation system.) besides Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

Satcop Fleet tracking system

As a business owner, fleet manager & dispatcher, you want everything to run efficiently & smoothly. Satcop has designed and developed in house DS8888/BS8888 devices keeping these needs in mind; you can focus on being profitable & effective, knowing that every vehicle in your fleet is monitored, accessible & always on track.
SATCOP GPS devices will transform the way you manage your fleet & will improve your bottom line

Fuel Monitoring

Satcop Fuel Level Sensor is designed for precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicles tanks, also in tanks of fixed installations i.e Gensets and Static Tanks. Sensor measures fuel level and forms a signal, proprtional to the level of fuel in the tank. They are used for below:

  • to obtain the reliable information about current fuel volume in vehicle tank;
  • to define the vehicle fueling volume;
  • to detect the fuel theft from the tank;
  • to carry out the remote tank monitoring;
  • to determine the fuel consumption.

Fleet tracking software/Server

Satcop Tracking software is high quality tracking and fleet management software developed by a team of professional
software and hardware engineers and has been continually improvised based on industry demands/client feedbacks. It is designed not only to track location but report various details regarding the vehicle in motion. The reports can be customized to accomodate additional reporting data or even custom design a solution required as per fleet management requirement.

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