Enable fleet operators to reduce their fuel cost and efficient utilization of fuel consumption. The sensor in the device reads the consumption directly from the tank and get consumption data any time with 95-98% accuracy as real-time reports on mobile/desktop. This allows to readily compare consumption vs travel distance, any sudden drop in fuel level which doesn’t correspond to the distance traversed between two points hence detect fuel theft effortlessly.

Satcop Fuel Level Sensor is designed for precision fuel level measurement in all kinds of vehicles tanks, also in tanks of fixed installations i.e Gensets and Static Tanks. Sensor measures fuel level and forms a signal, proprtional to the level of fuel in the tank. They are used for below:
• to obtain the reliable information about current fuel volume in vehicle tank;
• to define the vehicle fueling volume;
• to detect the fuel theft from the tank;
• to carry out the remote tank monitoring;
• to determine the fuel consumption.

• any type including analog and frequency
• electric insulation of sensor head from the tank
• adjustable range from 1023 to 4096 points per sensor length
• possibility of FLS’s calibration (level -volume), which allows to get a volume Sensor
• possibility to use thermal compensation and codes of self diagnostics
• protection from polarity reversal, short circuit of the output to the ground
(in some devices short circuit of the output to plus)
• availability of devices used for sensor linking to the staff vehicle dashboard
• availability of FLS’s summators used for data processing of multi tank systems
• length up 10 4000 mrn, possibility to cut to any length, availability of sectional sensors.


Output Signal Type Analog 0-10B* Frequency 500-1500 Hz* Rs232 (RS485) interface protocols :Omnicom , Modus
Fuel volume 0 % 0V 500 Hz 0
Fuel volume 100 % 10B** 1500 Hz Can be set
Supply voltage V 10-30
Maximum load current, mA 100 100 50
Precision of level measurements, %
from length Limits of additional conventional error
± 0.1
no more as 1.0%
Self testing codes yes
Operational Temperature °C -40 to 65
Mean time to failure No less as 12500 h
Ingress protection ratings Ip66
Consumed Power, W < 0.2
Overall Dimensions, mm L x 70 x 70
Weight, kg 2…3,5 Depending on length
Continuous work time not limited
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